Lisa the Queen behind Contagiously Funky

{Written by Lisa Gisby - 2019}

Once upon a time - not so long ago in sunny NZ,
There lived a super-sweet mini me: #Lisa of 6; always day dreaming inside her head.
She had golden hazel eyes and pink marshmallow skin,
With long wavy hair and white toothy grin.
One thing was for sure - she knew when she was big and tall,
That she was going to make a difference once and for all.
She dreamt that she would become a super-cool children’s creative artist,
Creating the impossible with one-of-a-kind with a creative divine twist.

Creating, writing poetry, colouring and drawing for hours on end,
Making colourful story books and gift packs to give to her family and friends.
Knowing that she could make a small difference in someone’s day,
Oodles of handmade love and warm-fuzzies in every special kind of way.
Then days turned into weeks, months and even years,
Before she knew it! - She was at university with her new found peers.
Climbing the ranks of becoming an Early Childhood teacher in the making,
Where she was always learning, studying and educating.

She finally got qualified and taught 5-days a week,
She absolutely loved teaching; creating resources that the children loved to seek.
She always loved asking the children’s input of wild crazy stories and rhymes,
They would give here their honest opinions always by quarter past nine.

One rememberable instances when a child stood up from the floor, 
Great work!” #clapclapclap “I loved it! - I want more!”
But she often wondered if the universe was telling her there is something much bigger out there,
Just maybe - all those years ago could #mylittleselfof6 knew what was instore for her to share.

Then one lunchtime; as she munched on her S&V chippy bun cakes she saw,
A well loved colouring book story caught her eye lying on the floor.
She carefully picked it up and flicked through the book,
And reminisced the memories of her childhood dream once took.

Then it hit… that “ah ha” moment - straight out of the blue,
To combine her early childhood creativeness with her early childhood education - Wahoo!
Making a new mashed up style of fun that everyone will love at last,
Once you will try it #youwillbehooked and it will be #atotalblast.

But she wanted one more magical ingredient to make her business go pow!
She wanted to get her customers start shouting: “OMGEE - WOW!”
Then within seconds the universe answered her prayers from above, 
Whispering in her ear: #decals is the magical missing ingredient of love.

Then Contagiously Funky was born from a child’s dream come true,
A business (est. 2005) #outofthisworld making it’s grand debut.
A creative service that will be operating nearly 7 days a week,
Full of educational actioned-packed fun that you will love to seek. 

 You probably what Contagiously Funky does?
Me #Lisa, myself and I create one-of-a-kind educational vinyl decals products with a buzz.
{delicious custom decal stickers, prints, gifts and personalised home decor to name a few}
Nothing quite like them on the market, so exquisite and totally rare,
I tell you #youwillfallinlove! - Anybody at all especially if you are loved up - 
#bigadultchildren or  #smallandcutechildren - I totally swear!!

 You probably thinking “Oh no! - Not more educational stuff?!
But wait - I can definitely change your mind!! #watchthisspace #iwontbluff.
It will definitely bring a cheshire smile to your beaming wide grin,
Learning is great fun! #nodoubtaboutit; join us on the journey where it all begins.

  All products are in NZD - that is for sure,
G.S.T inclusive, what more can you ask for.
I am sure that you will be delighted to receive - but I 100% believe,
(If my chance you are undecided of decal product(s) receive-ed)
I will offer a store credit or same value price guaranteed #notoncustomworks.

 I offer a free consultation and quote for a piece of mind,
But your consultation and quote must be seen, stamped and signed.
All prices are affordable and yearly set,
You can pay through the Contagiously Funky's website or by the internet.

 So what are you waiting for?! 
- All educational decal(s) are original and made with perfection,
One decal with never be enough for your growing collection.
With over oodles of pages to ahh and ooo’s,
A great time to relax, click merrily while consuming 
- that chocolate bikkie and hot piping brew!!